Burn Multiple And How It Has Been Affecting Businesses?


New Burn$ 500,000
Net New ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)$ 200,000
 Burn Multiple$ 2.5

Understanding the burn multiple is crucial for assessing a SaaS company’s financial health:

  • High Burn Multiple → Indicates lower efficiency in converting spending into revenue growth.
  • Low Burn Multiple → Preferred, as it suggests revenue is generated more efficiently.

In essence, a lower burn multiple reflects greater operational efficiency and financial sustainability in revenue growth for SaaS companies.

Burn Multiple Chart (Source: David Sacks)

Factors contributing to a high burn multiple typically include:

  • Inefficient Sales and Marketing (S&M) Strategy
  • Misallocation of Capital, leading to Low Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  • Inability to Scale due to Low Gross Margin
  • Low Sales Productivity
  • High Revenue Churn Rate
  • High Customer Attrition Rate

Here are three strategies to reduce your burn multiple to below 2x:

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs: Enhanced profitability is achieved when acquiring customers becomes more cost-effective.
  • Boost profit margins: Increase the portion of revenue retained from each sale.
  • Trim expenses: Directly reduce spending on several sales techs to improve the burn multiple.
  1. What is your current burn rate and cash reserve, and how do you plan to manage your burn multiple shortly?
  2. How do you evaluate the impact of your burn multiple on your company’s financial health and growth trajectory?
  3. What strategies are you implementing to optimize your burn multiple and ensure sustainable cash flow?

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